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General Symposium Report

The report summarizes the main objectives of the program, and provides a brief history of previous symposia.

General Symposium Report, version 06/07/2021

Brief Symposium Flyer, version 06/07/2021

Reports for Individual Symposia

We have also compiled sub-reports of recent symposia, which illustrate their respective programs in more detail:

Report for the 19th Symposium:
"The Return of Hope: Decolonization, Knowledge Production, and the Politics of Care",
Virtual Symposium, May 7-8, 2021, version 06/07/2021

Report for the 18th Symposium:
"The Legacy and Presence of Colonialism
in the Transatlantic World",
Virtual Symposium, June 5, 2020, version 07/04/2020

Report for the 17th Symposium:
"The Future of Democratic Culture",
Vienna and Berlin, March 23-30, 2019, version 05/16/2019

Report for the 16th Symposium:
"Challenges to Transatlanticism in the 21st Century: Re-Envisioning the Transatlantic Relationship",
New York, March 24-31, 2018, version 05/31/2018

Report for the 15th Symposium:
"Returning to the Nation? Challenges to Democracy and Supranationality in the 21st Century",
Rome, Warsaw and Berlin, 2017, version 04/30/2017

Report for the 14th Symposium:
"The Politics and Culture of Resilience",
California and Oregon, 2016, version 04/27/2016

Report for the 13th Symposium:
"Crisis of Mission",
Bulgaria and Berlin, 2015, version 04/24/2015

Report for the 12th Symposium:
"Sustainability in Education, Culture and Politics",
NM, AR, CO, OR, 2014, version 04/29/2014

Report for the 11th Symposium:
"Borders in Transit",
Poland, 2013, version 04/28/2013

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