Annual Students Conferences at Humboldt: Conferences
Utopian Thoughts

Participants & Abstracts

Participants and Submissions so far:

Sandra Beyer, HU Berlin:
A Utopia for Conservatives and Old Men:
Gendered Relations and Sexual Politics in Star Trek - a Feminist Polemic

Bert Bobock, HU Berlin:
From Kantian Space-Time to Star Trek?

Rasmus Christensen, Martin Grøn, Rikke Jensen, University of Southern Denmark:
Ecotopian Perspectives

Berenike Jung, FU Berlin:
Utopian Heroes

Philipp Kneis, HU Berlin (organizer):
Feeding False Gods. Religion and Creationism at the Stargate

Michael Lattek, FU Berlin:
"Do it now!" The Politics of Immediacy in 24

Dave Lojek, HU Berlin:
Posthumans in Fact and Fiction. Notes on the Abolition of Death and the Transmigration into the Digital

Manuela Mangold, HU Berlin (organizer):
The Construction of Community on The Wire

Daniela Simon, HU Berlin (organizer):
.hack//In Too Deep

Katarzyna Sobieraj, HU Berlin:
What is Utopian About 24?